The Story of a Brand New Mediterranean Culture

Life, energy, and renewal symbolized by the sun... Breath and lightness depicted by the air... Inner peace and the reflection of strength, the moon... Imagination and serenity representing the sea... Home, belonging, and rootedness personified by the earth... The images that enrich life from different cultures, the most captivating experiences, and the most cherished rituals come together, intertwine, transform, and are reborn in a brand new Mediterranean culture. We call this Ethno.

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Different cultures, different identities, different worlds, and different dreams together, here, as one... it's all in Ethno's DNA. And the impact they will have on your life together is unique!

Rooms & Suites
Casita by Ethno

Guests who choose Casita for their time at Ethno will not only enjoy their stay in the most comfortable way but also have the luxury of benefiting from very special services and amenities from the first moments of their vacation.

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Casita by Ethno
Feel Sun-kissed, Salty and Golden…

Sip your coctail, feel the sun and unite with the beauty of Mediterranean on Ethno beach stretching for over kilometers.

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Casual Dining

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